Very demanding walks

Unless otherwise stated, our walks start at the bus station at the Los Gigantes tennis court. Here the participants must arrange for transportation. Buses from all the popular tourist destinations go by Los Gigantes.

The following walks belong to our regular walks program and require that participants have a good physical form, skills in climbing and walking off-trail. Parts of the tours run along waterchannels that lie in steep mountainsides with high cliffs below. Torch (preferably a headlamp) is required on many of the walks.

Walk 10.) The cliff path, and climbing up to the hole, which is clearly visible from Los Gigantes (and many other places.) Back to Los Gigantes, about 10 km. 600 m. accent/decent.

Follow the cliffpath to the waterchannel and the clifftunnel. At the tunnel follow the waterchannel back (south eastwards) a couple of hundred meters to the corner where a narrow gorge goes steeply upwards. Note: Pretty demanding climbing (some may argue that it is unsafe to climb here without a rope)! About 100 meters up the demanding part of the climbing is done and the ridges up against the band to the left (south) of the hole and below, are followed. From the band, walk on the west side of the ridge up to the hole. The hole is about 10 m wide and 8m high. There is plenty of space to stand and there is a fantastic view in all directions. The walk continues up to the formerly cultivated plateau Guama, across this to the tourist trail, down to Camino Rejal and back to Los Gigantes.

Walk 11.) Los Gigantes to Seco beach - Guerges farm - Araza houses - down barranco de Natero to canal de Natero – cliff tunnel and cliff path back to Los Gigantes. About 33 km. 1100 m accent/decent. 8 - 10 hours. 

Follow the cliffpath to the clifftunnel, water channel and the path down to the sea. Cross "playa" (coblestone beach) Seco, across to Barranco Seco. Take the first gorge up to the left (northwest) until the faint remains of the path up to finca Guerges is found (can be hard to find). Follow the path where possible up to the rigde going up to the plain south of finca guerges. On the plain follow the path northwards until the remains of the houses of finca guerge are seen. Then head up to the casas de Araza near the Mascaroad. Shortly below casas Araza, break off to the right and follow the path down the barranco de Natero to the water channel. Follow the channel to the clifftunnel and cliffpath back to Los Gigantes. This is a long and hard trip. It is challenging to find the old Guanche trail and there are some short challenging climbing. Amazingly spectacular!

Walk 12.) Los Gigantes - Tamaimo - Arguayo - Teide. Funicular and car back. About 33 km. 3718 m. accent. 12 - 15 hours. 

Go the Camino Rejal to Tamaimo. Follow Road and path to Arguayo. Continue on to the old gravel road that can be followed to the carriageway to Las Canadas crater which is crossed at approx. 1200 m. altitude. Well marked trail continues to a new gravel road which is followed to the left (northwards) until it reaches the carriageway at approx. 1950 m. asl. Cross the carriageway and walk about 300 m. until the tourist path is reached. This is followed to the right (southeast) until the path to the sumit of Teide branches off. This is easy to walk but steap and with very loose gravel at places. Aprox. 150 meters below the sumit follow the tourist trail up to the sumit (permission to enter the sumit must be obtained in advance). Funicular and taxi back to Los Gigantes. There are good trails all the way to the top of Teide, but with almost "infinite" rise. A short stretch of a crossroads above Arguayo can be hard to find.


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