Presentation of our main guide, Iain Schrøder.

Iain Schrøder was born in Edinburgh in Scotland in 1948. Resident in Norway from 1949. His father took him trekking in the woods from 3 years of age. The tours became more demanding over the years. Iain completed a glaciercourse twelve years old and mountain climbing course a couple of years later. Together with his father, he walked and skied many long trips spending nights under the open sky, in a tent or in a snow cave. Many long and demanding climbes were made in Jotunheimen. At the age of 19, he climbed all the peaks on the western side of Svartdalen in Jotunheimen together with two friends.

Later, he has discovered and explored a number of caves in several places in Norway. Both in 1984 and -94 he went along with several others the 11 kilometres from the entrance to the ice plug in Castleguard cave in Canada. Castleguard cave is considered one of the world's most demanding caves.

From 1987 to 2013 he has been an instructor and guide in conducting vertical tours for the public in the mines at Skuterud in Modum and in the silver mines at Kongsberg.

From 2002 he has had annual trips to Los Gigantes in Tenerife. Until now, he has spent about 750 hours exploring Los Gigantes and theTenomountains.

Iain Schrøder is a car mechanic and mechanical engineer. He has worked in the army, the Civil
Aviation Administration and in several municipalities. Has also served in the UN forces in Lebanon and NATO forces in Kosovo. He is curently employed in the Norvegian labour inspection authority.

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