Pricing. Number of participants.

The following prices are valid for 2018.

-Half-day tours (2 -4 hours): 20 euros
-Full day trips (5 -8 hours): 30 euros
-Long day trips (8 -12): 40 euros
A discount is given for groups (max 10 participants on easy walks and max 6 on demanding walks) and if you participate in more than 2 trips. Request a quote!
NB Please note that the above prices do not include bus, boat, taxi or funicular.

Terms and conditions for participation on our walks. Responsibility.

General conditions for participation on our tours.

1. Registration
The walks are open to anyone who satisfies the requirements of the participants physical
and mental ability to complete the trip, see section 11.

2. Agreement / Documents
The agreement between the participant and the organizer consists of:
-General information about our walks. "Terms of participation on joint walks".

-Special program on walks where this is specified.

-Order Confirmation / Travel Certificate and invoice with payment information.

3. Price
The event's price includes the conditions mentioned in the walks description. The organizer
reserves the right to raise / lower the price for new or changed taxes, fees, ticket increases,
printing errors, costs due to force majeure or similar. An increase shall be notified as soon
as possible and no later than 20 days before completion. If the increase exceeds 10% of the
advertised price, the participant can cancel the event free of charge. Performance beyond
what the program determines must be paid extra by the individual participant.

4. Payment.
It is desirable to send a message to the Losgiganteswalks 2 weeks in advance. Upon such registration, the participant will receive a confirmation and invoice with payment information. It will also be possible to sign up for just before departure. Then payment must be made in cash before the trip begins. The organizer can cancel the registration if the deposit / balance is not in the account within two days of the due date, unless the customer can prove that
payment has taken place within the deadline.

5. Change of order.
It will normally be possible to switch to another trip the day before the completion. If the
second trip is of the same duration as the original, no extra is paid. If the trip is longer than
the original, the difference between the paid and the tour is paid.

6. Insurance.
Los Giganteswalks will emphasize that participation in our walks takes place on the
participants' own responsibility. The organizer assumes no responsibility for the financial
consequences of possible accidents / injuries that may occur during the completion of the
walks. Members of the Norwegian Folketrygd with a residential address in Norway should
have a combined travel / accident insurance. Other participants are advised to draw a
similar insurance at their registered insurance company. Most full-year travel insurance also includes a cancellation insurance.

7. Cancellation and cancellation protection.
Enrolled walk participants can cancel up to one day before and will then be refunded half of the cost of the trip.

8. Interruption.
If a participant has to cancel the trip, Los Gigantes walks are not responsible for additional
costs due to the interruption. In such cases reference is made to participants' private travel
insurance. Participants are also not entitled to a refund of all or part of the walk cost. See
also section 12 complaints.

9. Cancellation of Event.
The organizers can cancel an event due to force majeure, dificult weather conditions, too
few participants, lack of tour guides or the like. In case of cancellation, the organizer is
obliged to inform participants at the latest the day before the completion of the trip. If an
event is canceled due to the above reasons, the entire amount paid will be refunded.
Besides this, participants are not entitled to compensation.

10. Changes of the event.
The organizer shall, if possible, complete the walk in accordance with what is provided in
advance. It is possible that times or route choices may change due to changes in
timetables (bus), natural conditions (rainfall, rokcfall, etc.) closing tunnels, which makes it
dificult to complete the trip as planned. If possible, the organizer shall notify any significant
changes before departure. Such changes give the participant the right to withdraw from the
event. The entire amount paid will then be refunded. In case any changes have to be made
during the event, the tour leader shall inform the participants as soon as possible.

11. Responsibilities of participants.
Participants are required to read the submitted information thoroughly and evaluate
whether they are physically / mentally able to attend the event, without any burden on
themselves or others. If a participant is aware that the health condition is not good, he / she
is obliged to consult a physician. Participants must bring suit / equipment suitable for the
walk. See "Prerequisites" in the main menu. Participants undertake to comply with the
instructions of the walks guide. If the participant fails to meet the physical / mental
requirements that are posed or face defective equipment, he or she may be refused to
participate or exclude from the rest of the trip without requiring repayment from the
organizer. The participant must bear the costs of the return journey himself.

12. Complaints.
The walks leader must be notified immediately of any complaints along the way. A written
statement and any price reduction requests must be sent to Los Giganteswalks as soon as
possible and no later than 4 weeks after the trip has been completed.

13. Reservations and Photography.
The information is provided subject to changes in timetables (in case of part of the trip by
bus or boat) and any other unforeseen circumstances that may affect the execution of the
walk. The organizer can take pictures of the participants during the trip. These images can
be used for Los Giganteswalks publications or on our website. If you want to reserve
yourself to be photographed, please inform the walks guide about this, preferably when the
trip starts.

14. Sharing e-mail to the participants.
On some trips that are beneficial for participants to co-operate to the venue, we may share
the e-mail addresses of the participants. This is to make sure that the participants get the
easiest and most affordable way to and from the starting point for the trip.

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